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Did you know that the annual Toyota Raffle ticket sales fund over 95% of the Booster Club’s resoures to support all of Gibson Southern Athletics? 

We need your help to achieve a 75% particpation from all GS athletes – We Can Do It!

  If you are a GS athlete, we are asking that you sell 10 tickets by the deadline.
  The Booster Club has great incentives for selling 10 tickets:


·         5 Early Bird Drawings $100 VISA Gift Card to
ticket buyer and $50 VISA Gift Card to the Athlete who sold the ticket

·         $200 VISA Gift Card to one lucky GS athlete who sells all 10 tickets

·         $800 Athletic Team award for highest # of athletes
who particpate by selling all 10 tickets

 Turn your sold tickets and money into the GS Bookstore or
any Booster Club Member (see the Member link)