Title I Parent Complaint Policy

For a parent of a student in our Title One program: We strive to ensure satisfaction with the instruction your child is receiving. If you would like to file a complaint on behalf of the services your child is receiving, please follow the procedure below.
  1. Contact the administrator of the school your child attends and discuss
    your concerns with them.
    You may request a meeting in person to discuss. If this does not remedy your concerns, proceed to step two.

    OCS Principal Tasha Jourdan: e-mail at tasha.jourdan@sgibson.k12.in.us
    OCS phone: (812)724-3705
  2. If you have aleady met with the administrator of your child's school and your concerns were not adequately addressed, please follow the link below to file a formal complaint with the school corporation. Your information will be shared with the necessary parties. You will be contacted within ten (10) school days to schedule a meeting with all necessary parties.

Title I Parent Complaint Form

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